The Berlin-based internet start-up Gidsy aims to become the “global Lonely Planet for the internet generation.” Supporting this path, prominent international investors now provided seed round financing to the company that was founded by Edial and Floris Dekker and Philipp Wassibauer.

At the end of 2011, Gidsy launched a new online marketplace. is a marketplace for experiences. It is not about products but about activities – city tours, cooking classes, yoga sessions, billiard classes, piano lessons, or workshops. Gidsy connects providers with interested parties – with a special feature: providers are private individuals, not professional business people. At this time, Gidsy offers events in Berlin, New York, and Amsterdam, with London and San Francisco following shortly.

Gidsy is considered one of the young stars in the Berlin internet scene. The closing of Gidsy’s financing round generated wide media interest, with for example Die Welt, Bild und Morgenpost providing comprehensive coverage.

Since the foundation of Gidsy, LACORE has comprehensively advised the company in all relevant legal areas. Prior to this seed round, partners at LACORE had already structured a so-called angel round, for which they also provided legal counsel. Moreover, LACORE ensured the particularly sensitive IP protection.

Partners at LACORE are extensively involved in the Berlin start-up scene. In past years, they for example advised on the financing rounds of txtr, AMEN, 6 Wunderkinder und Readmill.

Gidsy was advised by

André Eggert | Matthias Braun | Ole Nieke