Founding ship “Hertha”, legendary eponym of football Bundesliga member Hertha BSC (est. 1892) and identification object of traditionalist supporters, has been acquired with support from LACORE.

Hertha BSC association board members Ingmar Pering and Christian Wolter had incorporated a company for acquisition purposes, 1892ste Schiffsbetriebs GmbH & Co KGaA. The interested public was then given the opportunity to subscribe for shares in the company and thereby secure the ship´s financing. The subscription period now ended, the shares will be issued shortly and the ship is about to be brought from its current location at Kyritz lakes to its “home waters” in Berlin, in good time for the football club`s 125th anniversary in July 2017.

LACORE advised the project initiators and the new company during all steps of the project, including the incorporation of the company, the ship acquisition contract, the capital increase and subscription procedure as well as preparation of the securities prospectus and the approval procedure before the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) for the public offering.

Advising lawyers were Dr. Arnd Barnitzke, Dr. Holger Bergbach (both Corporate, Finance) and Maria Höricke (IP).