We are happy to disclose the product of a joint effort by LACORE Rechtsanwälte together with our client Neufund (Fifth Force GmbH, www.neufund.org) as well as the Polish law firm Wardynski & Partners. This report aims to contribute to the discussion on an initiative for a European regulation proposal on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, while supporting current developments in the start-up and business scene to work with the use of these new technologies. The report “European Regulatory Initiative Report: Tokens As Novel Asset Class” is a collaborative google document open for further comments from the community. LACORE invites you to read through and share at: https://blog.neufund.org/neufund-announces-eureg-report-as-first-step-in-regulatory-initiative-74ccf4115ee

We thank all parties that have validated the document by being additional contributors and signatories and everyone for his/her support. With this report, LACORE continues working to be at the forefront of blockchain technology and regulation.

Participating advisors: André Eggert, Yamila Eraso, Magda Grünenwald