Dr. Melanie Lahr advises and represents employers and executive staff in all aspects of individual and collective employment law. Her main practice areas are advising on actions against unfair dismissal and day-to-day employment law consultancy. Dr. Lahr has particular knowledge with regards to works constitution and collective bargaining law, whilst specializing in contract design.

After obtaining her law degree at the University of Rostock Dr. Lahr completed a Master Programme at the University of Manchester. Moreover, Dr. Lahr obtained her doctorate with a thesis on employment contract design at the University of Passau. Prior to this, Dr. Lahr advised, acting as an attorney at a major American law firm, national and international companies on all matters of employment law.

Dr. Melanie Lahr, LL.M.

Certified Specialist for Employment Law
fon: +49 30 5 20 00 93 70
fax: +49 30 5 20 00 93 93
mail: lahr@lacore.de





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ongoing day-to-day advice for institutions and corporations